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Do Rich or Do Poor:
An Illustrated Story About Wealth Creation for Kids of All Ages: 7 to 70. 

A ground-breaking book for kids and adults based on the brilliant concepts of one of the nation's top financial planners.  The key message: wealth is not dependent on what you HAVE... but on what you DO with what you have.  The book is filled with rich images produced from 3D illustrations.  

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Spike Freedom: The Battle for America

A new comic book. 


Will Earth be sold as prime real estate to the highest bidder?  If the "Lords of Languish" gain control of America, their intergalactic clients will buy the world -- the biggest business deal in the history of the Universe.  


Engineer Your Dreams

Leverage Success in Ten Steps --

For Your Project, Business, and Life

Not a fluffy self-help book of unusable happy thoughts; this is a roll-up-your-sleeves war plan to transport your dreams into reality.  Illustrative stories involve true-life battles, failures and successes, along with lessons learned from a wide spectrum of experiences including: personal tragedy, a high-tech project, a construction crew, a personal note from Mother Teresa, principles of martial arts, and insights from a little dog. 

Secret Pages -- A Novel

She was a sensational hit on Broadway by age twenty-one.  That wasn't her only passion.  Sharmaine Duvall was about to win the heart of her first love.  Suddenly, her storybook life was devastated by a mysterious enemy.  In one horrific evening, her dreams were turned to ashes.  Her only chance for recovery would hinge on a carefully guarded secret buried between the pages of an old diary... and on the undying tenacity of a new friend who refuses to believe that Sharmaine is a murderer.

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