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Financial Services

David S. Reinders is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™  and a Registered Investment Advisor.

The firm, David S. Reinders, Inc., has produced fee-only comprehensive financial planning and investment advisory services for individuals, families, business owners,  and Christian ministries since 1992.


David is also a  Founding Member of Kingdom Advisors and the Vice President of the LA Ventura Community.  During his career David has received numerous awards including The James Catherwood Award, The Larry Burkett Award and the Distinguished Alumni Award  at Judson University. Currently, David is focusing  on writing and public speaking as well as mentoring other financial planners.

David's newest book...

Do Rich or Do Poor:
An Illustrated Story About Wealth Creation for Kids of All Ages: 7 to 70. 

A ground-breaking illustrated book for kids and adults based on the proven concepts of a certified financial planner.  The key message: wealth is not dependent on what you HAVE... but on what you DO with what you have. 


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